hopefully this is where useful links will go. i plan to have quite a lot of links going on overall, so i think there ought to be a way for me to keep them organised and a way for you to access them.


a site map. this is as much for my sake as it is anyone else's


index.html home page; changelog, webamp, guestbook, some links, gimmicks
phantomile.html webmaster profile
log.html (almost)no one knows me in person so i get to talk about whatever i want.
digital_world.html (INCOMPLETE!) more organised thoughts, images,and things i love
friend_codes.html (IN PROGRESS) things like buttons and stamps that i have collected & links to other neocities websites (you)


not_found.html 404 error.
portal.html this page. site map with some external links ie. externally hosted abandonware rips


extlinks.html a work-in-progress categorised directory of external links
????.html (INCOMPLETE!) uploads (graphics, etc.)
????.html (INCOMPLETE!) miscellany


if i have not talked about it enough for it to be clear yet, one of my favourite hobbies is finding old software (usually abandonware), archiving the files, and creating high-quality scans of any discs, artwork, etc.

i have an account where you can view most of these at once, but i try to keep everything brief on other web sites, and a couple of older rips are scattered across as well. i suppose this can count as an archive of different archives where i also get to have an opinion.

anyway, for now, here is a list of my uploads on vetusware (no scans) and an iframe of my archive account if you didn't feel like clicking on the link. i plan to rip many of these again using more reliable software sometime in the future.


• Special Toy Program Collection (2021-02-01)
• ポリゴンで発見!!たまごっち JA (2021-01-15)
• Instant CV Writer (2021-01-03)
• Encyclopedia of Science 2.0 2.0 (2020-12-30)
• Tamagotchi CD-ROM JA (2020-12-24)
• 3DCGツクール95 (3DCG Maker 95) JA (2020-12-24)


some time i will talk about some of these more. in the mean time you are welcome to ask me any questions you might have by mailing

this page itself is a work in progress

not actually working on this website at all right now